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Meet The Top 10 Biggest Dogs In The World

Are you excited to meet the biggest dogs in the world? From powerful English Mastiffs to strong great Danes, there are plenty of big dogs who will take up the entire couch, and protect their owners with their giant size. Because of their bone structure, some dogs are heavier than others, whereas other large dogs are tall and skinny.

if you are ready to be the new owner of one of the biggest dogs in the world, or you are just curious, read this article to get to know and fall in love with them.

even though their size is huge, they are not dangerous at all.  and most children would enjoy having them as pets.

1- Zeus

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We will start our list of the 10 top biggest dogs in the world with the one and only, huge great Dane, Zeus. he owned the title of Guinness book Before he died at the age of 6, he won several world records as the tallest dog in the world in 2012.

Kevin Doorlag, Zeus’ owner, announced his death from old age on September 11, 2014.

Zeus, the great Dane, was 3.64 feet tall standing on four legs and 7.22 feet tall standing on his back legs. He also weighed 154.3 pounds.

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