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Two Beautiful Huskies Try Lime For The First Time

A YouTube channel called ” my mountain husky” published a video of two beautiful huskies trying “lime” for the first time. The video is so cute and funny, their reaction is hilarious. Keep reading to discover how they reacted to the sour taste of lime.

Why we love dogs.

Most dog owners agree that having a dog makes life better. dogs can give you unconditional love, continuous entertainment, and dedicated companionship. dogs are incredibly loyal, and extremely protective especially when it comes to defending their families.

Spending time with pooches is extremely beneficial to your health. According to the latest research, being around a dog is both physically and emotionally beneficial. Dogs make us happier, and healthier and they also help us deal with crises. Science has proven this.

The bond between humans and dogs has long been recognized as one of the most powerful.

Dogs have very positive attitudes towards everything, they get so excited about the simplest things like sticks, disposed of food containers, and a short trip to the street store. In this way, dogs teach us to appreciate the little things in our lives. and trust me nobody can be sad when they have a waggy-tailed friend by their side.

dogs make us feel less lonely because they’re great at cuddling. There isn’t much better than a night on the couch, cuddled up with a cup of tea in hand and your arm around your pooch.

In addition to that, they get you moving. Even if you don’t want to go for a walk, the need to ‘walk time’ forces you to do so. And you’re always happy you did the activity.

dogs show their love to you through different behaviors, be sure that they definitely love you too. Researchers have discovered that when dogs socialize with humans, they release the ‘love hormone oxytocin. the love and care you give them, they have the same feelings for you too.

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